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Our green initiatives are not only designed to aid the hotels environmental policies, but to encourage our guests to get involved and help save the planet!

Many of our sustainable initiatives are designed to not only heighten the guest experience but to help spread the word of conservation to the public.

  • Signage – Our trees and nature areas all house signage educating guests on the variety of species that make up our wonderful grounds.
  • Nature Trail – An enjoyable walking trail for guests, which also serves as a thriving ecosystem for our wildlife.
  • Complimentary Bike Hire – We offer complimentary bike hire to encourage our guests to avoid the car, get some fresh air and help protect the environment.
  • Kitchen Garden – As well as growing our crops, the gardens serve a purpose to visually highlight to guests the possibilities available for home grown produce.
  • Electric Boat Hire and Charging Stations – Both portray the possibilities of alternative transport options which are less harmful to our environment.
  • Bedroom Literature – Small reminders to help guests be conscious of the little changes that can have a big environmental impact such as switching off lights and recycling.
  • Swan Upping – Hosting the annual swan upping tradition at the hotel and inviting local school children is a great way for us to educate the local community on conservation.

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