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More than just a ‘light-bulb’ moment! There are numerous ways we aim to reduce our energy waste at the hotel!


We have installed revolutionary CHP Units in our hotel. CHP or Cogneration is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel. By generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the separate means of conventional generation via a boiler and power station. Last year we were able to produce 54.2kWh onsite using this process!


The hotel has a Hoval Boiler system installed which has an energy efficiency rating of 89%.


The Intelli-hood Cooking System uses both heat sensors and optic sensors to monitor the cooking operation and modulate the airflow reducing energy consumption.


Throughout the grounds we now have PIR Sensors for our external lighting. These monitors only respond to movement and this in turn reduces the amount of unnecessary energy usage within the grounds.


As part of our energy saving commitment our maintenance team have begun replacing all interior and exterior lights with LED bulbs where possible. Currently 70% off all bulbs in the hotel are now LED.

CHP Renewable Energy

Combined heat and power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power (electricity), in one single, highly efficient process.  CHP generates electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in this process. This contrasts with conventional ways of generating electricity where vast amounts of heat is simply wasted. In today’s coal and gas fired power stations, up to two thirds of the overall energy consumed is lost in this way, often seen as a cloud of steam rising from cooling towers.

CHP is highly efficient – By using waste heat, we can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%. This compares with the efficiency of gas power stations, which in the UK ranges between 49% and 52%. Coal-fired plants fare less well with an efficiency of around 38%.

CHP is fuel neutral – As an energy generation process, CHP is fuel neutral. This means that a CHP process can be applied to both renewable and fossil fuels. The specific technologies employed, and the efficiencies they achieve will vary, but in every situation CHP offers the capability to make more efficient and effective use of valuable primary energy resources.

CHP is local –Our CHP unit provides local heat and electricity. Because the energy is produced locally, CHP has the added benefit of avoiding efficiency losses incurred through transmission and distribution of electricity through the National Grid and local distribution networks. Around 7% of energy would usually be lost when the network is used to transport energy from the generation source to the user.

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