EVOGRO at The Oakley Court

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EVOGRO at The Oakley Court

In January 2016 we had a revolutionary EVOGRO System installed in the hotel. The cabinet creates a controlled environment and gives plants everything they need to grow: light, water and warmth.

Different plants have different needs and the cabinet adjusts the settings on each shelf to suit whatever plants are growing. It is connected to the internet and uses sensors to monitor the environmental conditions and also the plants’ growth rates.

By growing our own crops in this way, we also avoid the transportation, packaging and waste associated with the conventional supply chain. On average each shelf uses 0.3 Kwh of electricity per day, which is less than 5p at current prices. The information on the system is displayed for all guests to view.

Each shelf is connected to an automated watering system and when the system detects certain plants need water, it pumps it directly to the plants’ roots. Any excess is recirculated within the system.

This unique system ensures our chefs are able to continually grow and monitor seasonal produce, even in the colder months to provide only the finest, freshest ingredients in all of our dining options here at The Oakley Court.

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