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Bees at Oakley Court


We aren’t just a favourite with human guests, but insect ones too!

Our Bug Hotel was created by our gardeners from sustainable products including reusable wooden crates and logs from our own trees!

Housing a variety of insect, it’s a great way to educate guests young and old on our natural habitat and the importance of conserving it.

Located in the grounds, don’t forget to pay a visit and see who has taken up residence!

Inspired? Learn how to build your very own Bug Hotel at home HERE 

Oakley Bee Hives

You can’t get more local than our homemade honey, produced right here in the hotel grounds thanks to our dedicated bee hives!

Whether it’s going to be used as an early morning sweetener in your tea or as a tasty addition to one of our courses in The Dining Room, you can be assured of the finest honey direct from the Oakley Bees.

With an abundance of wildflowers bedded throughout the grounds, we have ensured there is plenty of places for our bees to pollinate, ensuring the very best honey can be produced right here.

Explore the bee hives for yourself with a stroll around the grounds and see exactly why they love living here!

We even have some jars available to purchase at Reception – a perfect gift from your trip!

Learn more about Honey Bees HERE

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