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The Butler Did It Sign

If we dropped into conversation that we’re a luxury, laid back country house hotel that’s played the stage to a large number of film sets, has its own polo team, and is host to the annual royal swan upping event on the back lawn would you think we’re a little barmy?

In many scenarios we’d probably agree with you, but it’s all true. Our Berkshire hotel even has one of the nation’s most famous racecourses one side, an Olympic rowing club on the other and a royal residence in-between. Located in the heart of rural Berkshire, The Oakley Court in Windsor offers a truly unique set for an indulgent getaway.

The magnificent architecture of the Berkshire country house, surrounded by the beautiful grounds with the River Thames running past, has been cast as centre stage for some of the most famous horror movies of all time. Combined with a remarkable history, contemporary style, and a quirky charm all nestled within our four walls, you’ll find a real sense of fun when you come here. Add in 118 bedrooms, an award-winning restaurant and attentive staff, and whether you’re here for a wedding, corporate gathering or an indulgent night away, feature our unique everlasting script in a scene of your own.

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