Throughout the year at Oakley

Guest Chefs


Master Executive Chef of Japan House

Enjoy a great array of magnificent, freshly cooked dishes by our Chef Akira.

Relax and enjoy lunch or dinner whilst making the most of the gorgeous views of our 33-acre landscaped gardens and The River Thames.

The theme of the Omakase course is a fusion of Japanese cuisine with local British and European ingredients. For example, we use traditional European ingredients such as croissants to create sushi and pasta to create Japanese dishes.

All guests are served at 1 long table, set with Eagle & Hodges tableware and the food served in hand-made Japanese ceramics.

We use the fresh Japanese wagyu beef for our starters and sushi, and we also use the Japanese techniques of curing local fish of Europe - using kombu seaweed - to bring out the best of the ingredients.
Our main course, sushi, is carefully prepared with great care.

We hope you will enjoy our special sushi at Oakley Court Hotel.